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Solar Thermal

Solar thermal energy is an excellent and forward-looking, innovative form of exploitation of renewable energy sources and is characterized by geothermal energy, in contrast to an extremely high efficiency and a rather low effort. In the geothermal it is necessary to make extensive Erdgrabungen what is superfluous in the solar thermal.

This makes it possible not only to ensure a cost effective supply and pollution-free energy supply different types of energy, but to protect the expensive and exhaustible resources such as oil, natural gas and coal in a high degree.

Solar helps against high heating costs

Powerless against rising heating costs? Not at all! Who now surrounded on its solar heating, can immediately achieve savings of up to 50 percent. Because heat makes an average of 87 percent from the lion's share of energy consumption in German households. Very few people know that heat with oil or gas, the household budget much more heavily than the current requirement (only 13 percent). Even in winter it is easily possible to switch the heating on solar heat. The solar collectors can from frost, ice and snow really well.

Conditions for a solar system:

To build a solar system, so many conditions are not necessary. However, certain circumstances simplify the construction and reduce the cost of construction. Ideally, the household already has a south-facing roof area, but it is also possible to build solar panels on east-west or roofs.

If a hot water solar thermal plant to be built, the house should already have a central boiler, for heating support is of course the same.