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Energy consumption

1. What is your previous energy consumption ?

First of all, you should analyze your current energy consumption . Take a look for on your last heating bill . How many kilowatt hours of gas or fuel oil consumed in this statement? If you only consumption in cubic meters (m³) gas or fuel oil in liters know so you can simply multiply by 10 and you have the kWh / year (kWh / a).


3,000 m³ / a gas yield about 30.000kWh / a

3,000 l / a heating oil yield about 30,000 kWh / a

1 How large is your living space ?

From the size of the living area there is a guideline for energy consumption :

30,000 kWh / year : 150 m² = 200 kWh / ( m² a)

This means that you consume with your house and the heating about 200 kilowatt hours of energy per square meter per year .

A good example would have low energy a value of about 50 kWh / ( m² a). Thus you would if your house now would be an energy -efficient house, about 50 kWh / ( m² a) * consume 150 sqm = 7500 kWh / a . That would be the equivalent of about 7500 kWh / yr or 750 m³ / a 750 liter gas or heating oil.

3 Now again the question : What can I do to save on heating costs ?

However, I would rather ask : How and why my energy costs are so high? Where I go for lost so much energy?

Now consider some games even your house and ask yourself the following questions:

How old are your windows and how much heat comes through here ?

Is your home insulated ? If so what and how thick ?

How old is your heating system and how well is probably its efficiency ?

How air tight is your house and where you feel - when it's cold - a cold draft in the house?

The windows can not easily determine how old they are and by what type of window it is. An engraving, newer windows in aluminum inner edge seal. Accordingly, sometimes the window type and the U-value is engraved here. Packages can be said, perhaps, that everything about 2.8 and from 1996 has a U-value of 1.3 to 1.7 before the year 1995 a U-value.

Well, what am I doing with this U-value? What he says about the energy loss of my window? The lower the U-value, the lower the heat loss through the windows. With decreasing U-value, the price of the window increases.