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The KfW initial consultation

as an energy inventory,

one or two days, costing € 320 small and medium enterprises, with a subsidy of 80% over the funding KFW special fund energy efficiency in companies of max. 800 € per day is possible.

A road map "your way to energy efficiency companies" with best practice examples, see:

Fields of application:

(for SMEs - Definition, S.U.)

● process heat supply

● Air-conditioning and refrigeration systems

● Office lighting

● Compressed air supply

● Electrical Drives

● grain drying

● Power Shopping

● energy taxes

● u.v.m.

Expiration of the initial consultation :

1 Detecting the actual condition

- Determine what data are needed a qualified statement

- Check whether the provided data sufficient material

- If necessary measurements to plan and carry

2 Representing and assessing the actual condition

- Establish energy balances

- Identify weaknesses and deficiencies , including by pinch analysis

- Comparative analysis of plant data sheets, and industry and process parameters

3 Suggestions for rational use of energy

Develop approaches for improvements -

- Demonstrating unnecessary energy consumption

- Reduce the specific energy consumption

- Optimize the efficiency and utilization levels

- Energy Recovery

Check the use of renewable energy sources -

4 Developing Gesamtkonzpten

- Merge from fragmented to different technology concepts

- Comparison of the proposed variants

5 Review and selection of measures

- Inspect all improvements on their investment outlay back and look at the economics

- These considerations support through sensitivity analyzes

- Rate Further criteria for decision-making

6 Presentation and consultation report

- Create consultancy report

- Presentation and explanation of the sub- Chung results

7 Implement measures and monitor the success of

- Support the implementation of measures

- Monitor and measure success , if appropriate

- Comparison with the data in the consultation report

Expiration of the subsidy applications (by SMEs):

(in accordance with guidelines for Energieffizienzberatung KfW)

1: You enter your request online

2: You submit your application to the competent regional partner of KfW

3: You choose your consultant for energy efficiency advice

4: You close the energy efficiency consulting contract

5: After you submit an energy efficiency consulting accounts, final report and statement

Definition of SMEs of the KfW SME / Development Bank:



— alternativ —
≤ 10
≤ 2
Kleine Unternehmen
≤ 50
≤ 10
≤ 10
Mittlere Unternehmen
≤ 250
≤ 50
≤ 43

With the pinch analysis, it is possible to analyze the use of adjuvants such as energy and water production and to optimize. With it is possible to determine how much energy or resources, the process would actually need if the plants themselves were in the optimum condition, and how much cost of energy or resources can be saved and what investments are needed for this purpose.
The pinch analysis is on industrial installations with heating and cooling processes, whether continuously or in batch mode, apply.

Links to split the cold stream to be heated can be seen in two substreams. These two sub-streams are transmitted with the connection line in the right diagram. The same happens with the warm, cooled stream ("hot CK") - not shown. Over the heat source (pink circle, down, red = warm, blue = cold light above current da) the heat sink (blue circle above) is supplied, but without going over the pinch point as the minimum temperature difference between the streams. Above the Pinches may not cooled, and below are not heated.