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Funding grants

The new funding guidelines for the Market Incentive Programme (MAP ) were published and enter 15 August 2012 in force .

Thus, smaller solar systems receive higher subsidies from the market incentive program MAP. The minimum grant for a standard solar thermal system will then be € 1,500 .

Here are the most important changes :

• For solar panels to 40 m² collector as well as biomass boilers and heat pumps up to 100 kW rated output new minimum funding amounts are introduced. This will benefit the plants , which are commonly used in houses : you will get an up to 400 € higher promotion. The base funding rates that are granted depending on the size of the system remain unchanged. Only be promoted investments in existing buildings.

• The bonus promotion, rewards the most innovative techniques or combination of eligible technologies is expanded: the concurrent creation of a biomass plant or a heat pump with a solar collector system for pure water heating will be rewarded in the future with a bonus of € 500. Also new is an efficiency bonus for the use of heat pumps in well- insulated buildings . With additional funding from 500 € per system heat pumps are rewarded having a new buffer with a certain minimum size.

• The promotion of innovation for large solar thermal systems ( from 20 sqm) in multi-family dwellings and non-residential buildings with 500 sqm area is also possible for new buildings now .

A detailed overview can be found in the attached tables - Pdf with promotions overview

a new building or renovation of an old building there are various ways to promote home ownership can these investments. Some of the states have launched their own small programs to promote efficient renovations and new buildings. Example, the " energy efficiency program for the housing stock " in Hesse or QUAB program are mentioned in Berlin since .

The certainly most extensive program for the rehabilitation and modernization of old buildings and new buildings more efficient , KfW ( Reconstruction Loan Corporation ) in the program " Energy Efficient rehabilitate " classes . This renovation or construction work must be approved ACFA - are calculated , checked and confirmed by energy consultants To take advantage of this promotion. Of course, all employees of the network energy consultants energy advice are licensed and competent.

This state-owned bank offers low-interest loans and grants that can be used by builders. The main focus is put on supporting energy-efficient buildings . The renovation of an old building is offering subsidies of 5 - 17.5% of the eligible investment costs. All energy- optimizing measures , such as heating optimization , heating replacement , window replacement and window replacement or any insulation work are eligible and may be eligible for certain proof of an approved energy consultant. This can be several thousand euros , you do not have to pay out of pocket for one and two family homes. In addition, repayments are possible at any time .

An even much larger effect occurs with the use of subsidized loans. The very low interest rates are far below the banks:

measure interest rate

Rehabilitation for Efficient House : 1.1 % rms . APR

Single action (only outer wall , window , etc. ) 2.27 % rms .

Efficient new buildings KfW 55, KfW 70 2.27 % rms .

Living room upgrade ( other conversions) 3.98 % rms .

( 06/ 09; eg term of 10 years / 2 years grace startup / 10 fixed interest rate. )

An example calculation is to show you how you can "renew energy efficiency " of the KfW program benefit .

Measure costs / cost subsidy / grant

EFH for redevelopment KfW Efficiency House 70 € 65,000 € 65,000

(eg, external wall insulation, roof insulation, new windows, new heating, etc. )

non- repayable grant back € 11,375 € 0

Interest charge at maturity 10 years , 10 years fixed interest rate 7.000 € ( 1.1% ) 18,000 € ( 4% )

Total cost € 60,625 € 83,000

Difference : about € 22,775

Furthermore, there is by BAFA ( Federal Office of Economics and Export Control ) promotion of energy consulting and € 360-510 for solar installations n40 -10 € / m² and for heating pumps , heat pumps and wood pellet boilers .