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KfW funding

KfW funding in 2013

The reorganization measures include replacing old windows , replacement of heating , as well as improving the insulation of roof and facade. This work can be both subsidized than are supported by low-interest loans .

Individual measures are funded with 10 percent maximum 5.000Euro m. For comprehensive measures ( KfW Efficiency House 55) grants to 18,750 euros available. On the Effeizienthaus -70- level 15,000 euros ( 13,125 so far ) . All measures must comply with the requirements of the KfW to be promoted.

Eligible activities include :

Insulation of facades, roofs , basements and floors .

Switch to energy- efficient windows and doors.

Renewal of heating.

Optimization of the existing heating system.

Installation of a ventilation system .

And construction-related recovery costs .

Services of consulting, design and construction supervision .

In addition to higher subsidies will be available from 01.03.2013 , new grants and a new loan repayment program .

Overview KfW funding in 2013 - grants and loans

Investment Grant :

Individual measures : subsidy of 10% , a maximum of 5,000 euros per unit .

KfW Efficiency House 70: 20 % investment grant , a maximum of 15,000 euros per unit .

KfW Efficiency House 55 25% subsidy , 18,750 maximum .

Repayment grants ( credit variant ) from 01.03.2013 :

KfW Efficiency House 70: 12.5% ​​repayment bonus , up to € 9,375 per housing unit.

KfW Efficiency House 55 : Repayment of subsidy of 17.5 % , a maximum of 13,125 euros per unit

Source and further information : KfW

Supplementary loan for renovation of heating:

Loan of up to EUR 50,000 per unit with up to 10 years in duration at a constant rate . The combination with the BAFA market incentive program is possible.

Use is possible in the context of a real estate purchase, renovation of heating as the owner of an existing property , building project. The application must always be set in advance.

Here you can find detailed information on what is and is NOT supported .

KfW promotes house batteries

Nevertheless, the federal government has decided to support the installation of battery storage in homes across the development bank KfW. For plants , the first after the Were installed in January 2013 , the state pays a subsidy of up to 660 euros per kilowatt- hour of installed capacity : KfW also provides low-interest loans for the installation of memory .

An important limitation is thereby intended to lighten the grid : Who can promote his memory system by the state whose future photovoltaic system may only feed a maximum of 60 percent of their maximum capacity into the grid. The remaining 40 percent must consume yourself or save in battery of the system owner , otherwise the system is limited. For this, the homeowner must make sure that the network operator can access via a corresponding control on the storage system.