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Archive 2016

Berlin, 30.11.2016

The Federal Government supports electric cars and the expansion of charging stations. The existing 5-year tax exemption for the first-time registration of an electric car is extended to ten years.

Eschborn, 31.10.2016

The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) is now sending out the subsidy certificates for investments in combined heat and power. It is about investments in billions, but for the most part distributed over several years.

Berlin, 31/07/2016

The new funding program of the Federal Ministry of Economics provides from 1 August important incentives to increase the rehabilitation rate: Up to 30% subsidized the state ...

the exchange of at least two years old heating pumps by high-efficiency pumps,

the optimization of the heating system by hydraulic balance,

replacing outdated control technology, so for example, the thermostatic valves,

use energy-saving technologies, such as advanced memory buffer or balancing valves, and

the optimum setting of the boiler.

Dresden, 30.05.2016

After the continuation of the storage-promotion by the federal government now also launching a new funding Saxony - the State subsidizes from May 2016 purchase of battery storage. Funding is up to 40 percent of the investment for the store.

The new promotion of the Saxon state provides the following conditions: The battery storage must have at least two kilowatt-hours of usable capacity and be limited at the grid infeed point to 50 percent, the effective power of the photovoltaic system. Furthermore, also supports investments in measuring and control devices as Energiemana-management systems.

Berlin, 27/04/2016


The federal government announced today morning as expected the new support program for electromobility.

Private and commercial buyers obtained from mid-May 2016 (from the day on which the Federal Cabinet will decide about it formally) a grant of 4,000 euros for the purchase of pure electric cars. This value also applies to fuel cell vehicles. Buying a vehicle with plug-in hybrid drive is contrary promoted with 3,000 euros. This purchase premiums are granted only for models with a base list price of a maximum of 60,000 euros net.

Frankfurt am Main, 23.03.2016

To April 1, 2016 Updated KfW its program "Energy-efficient construction". In addition to the existing standards continue KfW Efficiency House 55 and 40 of the new KfW Efficiency House 40 is inserted Plus: This building should be promoted, generate energy and store and so can cover the remaining energy requirements mainly self. In addition, KfW plans to offer a simplified detection method for the KfW Efficiency House 55th.


The federal government has on 19.2Details about the new support program for solar power storage publishedThus, the State will support the purchase of network relevant solar batteries with initially 500 euros per kWp PV power and therefore 25 percent of eligible costs from 01/03/2016 to 31/12/2018In semi-annual increments this value drops to the end of 2018 to 10 percent.


On 1 January 2016, the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs launched the "incentive program of energy efficiency(APEE). Aims is to set new innovation and investment impulses for heat inflection in the boiler roomFor this, in APEE total of 165 million euros per year over 3 years for interest subsidies and interest subsidies availableBy APEE the existing funding landscape is extended.