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Energy Tips

Tip 1 : Lamp

Immediately replace old light bulbs with energy saving bulbs right . The higher price pays for itself by up to 15 times longer and up to 80 % energy saving. In each room, there should also be many useful individual light sources.

Tip 2 : Computers & Office Gadgets

Shut down the computer during breaks of 15 minutes or at least enable hibernation. A flat screen also saves 66 % energy. Printers, scanners , speakers, if they are not used absolute power hogs .

Tip 3: Internet

DSL modem off and disconnect it from Netzt if they are not used. Best with a switch cap for the socket or a plug strip . The devices are not affected.

Tip 4: corridor lighting

Where light is often , but only briefly turned on, quick-start energy saving lamps should be used with high breaking strength.

Tip 5 : Wash

The machine always utilize fully and wash at 30 or 40 ° C . Modern detergents meet even at low temperatures normal hygiene standards.

Tip 6 : Drying

Spin wash well , filled completely dry, clean lint and provide ventilation. Few dryers are energy efficient. Buy from an initial purchase of at least A or B energy rating .

Tip 7 : Water

Essays and shower knobs with save- mix the water jet with air and reduce consumption . Mixer provide fast without time and water loss to the desired temperature.

Tip 8 : Cooling and freezing

A simple refrigerator thermometer helps the temperature at 7 ° C optimum hold. The thicker the ice or in the freezer - fridge is , the higher the energy consumption . The defrosting of ice thickness from 1 cm saves power and space .

Tip 9 : Consumer Electronics

TV, DVD player, satellite receiver or stereo system in standby mode consume up to 100kWh per unit per year. Headers with foot completely disconnect the device from the mains.

Tip 10 : Cooking

Pots and pans should fit the stove. Is this Kochgeschirr1 up to 2 cm smaller , go up to 30% energy lost. Cooking without a lid even consumed three times more energy.

Tip 11: The temperature

Each degree saves 6% less heating energy. In residential areas are 20 ° C optimum , in the bedroom and in the kitchen 15 to 18 ° C. At night, the heater does not turn off completely , but lower temperature by 5 ° C .

Tip 12 : Radiator

Do not hide behind furniture or curtains. Only with enough free space , the thermostat is working properly and warm air is well distributed throughout the room.