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Energy requirement

At the beginning of each geothermal system is the determination of the actual heat demand of the house (in kWh / a) - after all, this should be covered later by geothermal energy. When converting, we can estimate (average of the last year), how much is your heating needs with the help of the current energy consumption. Furthermore, it is possible with experience (in W / m²) can be expected depending on the year of the building. The situation is different in the new building. Since there are still no consumption values​​, we need to calculations ("Heat demand" according to DIN 4701 or "heating load" according to DIN EN 12831) are based.

Selection of the heat pump

Following the determination of the heat demand on the used heat pump is performed by an acknowledged expert. In addition to the heat pump power (in kW) knowledge about the number of annual operating hours and the mean annual number are required.


Size of the heated area: 160 m²

Heat demand: 50 W / m²

Heat pump power: 8 kW

Seasonal Performance Factor: 4

Required Power Requirements: 2 kW

About geothermal service to be provided: 6 kW