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Energy performance

  • Energy consultations in accordance with the requirements it Federal Office of Economics and Export Control. for

this advice the client receives grants from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control.

  • Individual energy consultations for residential or mixed-use building with

predominantly residential.

  • Creation of consumption-oriented energy certificates for residential buildings or for mixed-use building with primarily residential use.
  • Creation of demand-oriented energy certificates for residential or mixed-use building with primarily residential use.

Services of a (local) energy consulting
  • Inventory and evaluation of existing building condition
  • Recognize the energetic weak points of the building
  • heat protection and technical plant technical assessment
  • Development of concrete structural reorganization proposals and plant engineering including their assessment of energetic and economic point of view
  • Suggestions for the use of renewable energy
  • Economic evaluation of possible measures
  • Comparison of the actual situation of different, tailored to the measure building packages
  • Personal consultation: overview and guidance to support
  • Transfer of individual and comprehensive consulting report

When is an energy consulting - when is the right time?
  • If your building up to 31.12.1994 of the planning application was made, because then you meet the eligibility conditions ACFA and thus get reimbursed a portion of the consulting fees.
  • If you are planning a major renovation or remodeling activities (eg the installation of a new boiler, the installation of new windows or the implementation of a roof and / or facade renovation.)
  • If you think about the use of alternative energy sources or insulation systems (eg, solar hot water, wood pellet boilers, insulation with Naturdämmmaterialien such as flax or straw, ...).
  • If you want to get a comprehensive overview of the current energy losses as well as individual energy savings potential of your property.