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Energy management

The new International Standard ISO 50001, "Energy management systems - Requirements with guidance for use " helps organizations build systems to improve their energy efficiency and their energy-related performance addition to cost savings their use may also lead to a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts . .

The standard specifies requirements for an energy management system, such as the formulation of energy targets , the implementation of action plans , measurement , documentation and reporting of energy consumption and the definition of an energy basis .

The DIN EN ISO 50001 replaces the 24 April 2012, the European Standard DIN EN 16001 from . In developing the International Standard have the European standardization organizations, such as the DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung eV in ensuring that essential components of the previous standard be adopted. New in the DIN EN ISO 50001 , that not only the energy consumption is viewed directly in the company , but the entire life cycle of a product can be brought into the equation , so as design and procurement processes or energy that causes the logistics. In addition, requests have been received not only improve the energy-related performance but also to improve the energy management system itself .

The standard is aimed at energy-intensive large companies , as well as to small and medium sized businesses that want to systematically identify and optimize their energy consumption . An implementation assistance for this group is currently in the works .

The DIN EN ISO 50001 , which has already reached a very wide acceptance around the world , may be employed alone or in combination with other management systems .


Energy management is a cross -cutting issue which includes the planning, management , organization and control of the operational energy efficiency with the aim of continuous improvement.


Who wants to reduce and monitor energy costs , need to know where and when they arise.


We are continuously qualified as energy manager for a continuous monitoring and improvement of energy efficiency and reduce energy costs is available.


Furthermore, we assist industrial companies in the introduction of an energy management system .


The Renewable Energy Act (EEG ) allows the amendment in 2012 and the associated fact sheets of the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) special compensation schemes for energy-intensive businesses . At the request accordingly manufacturing companies can be excluded with a power consumption of more than one gigawatt-hour of electricity costs and at least 14% of the gross value of EEG charges . This requires a certification according to DIN EN ISO 50001 or a DIN EN ISO 50001 certified energy management system.


The energy management standard DIN EN ISO 50001 describes the requirements that must comply with the management system of a company to comply with these Rules in the implementation of energy management . It can be both informative for the implementation within a company as well as to demonstrate to meet the requirements of these rules serve to third parties.


The proof is provided through a certification process with subsequent issuance of a temporary certificate by independent certification bodies , such as the German Association for Certification of Management Systems (DQS ) .


With an energy management system, the existing potential for improving energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption costs are determined and documented. The characteristics obtained are then evaluated by a qualified Energy manager (internal or external). Following the measures to be developed and introduced to ensure continuing improvement of energy efficiency and reducing energy costs associated guarantees.


Energy management in residential building


Energy management - causes this particular form of building automation, it seems a small miracle: heating system, radiators, outer shell and the old inhabitants remain, and yet suddenly the energy consumption decreases. Office towers in the standard, which can also work in homes.


Energy management of the solar system


For owners of photovoltaic systems that were installed after 2009, it is primarily important to increase the consumption of their own solar power. For this purpose, there are combinations of memory and energy managers.


Energy management in old radio


If you want to forego the old building on the extensive laying of a loop, choose a wireless system.