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BAFA on-site consultation

In the BAFA on-site consultation , the actual state of the building is analyzed. The construction of walls, ceilings , windows and the roof is taken and entered the values ​​determined in a special program . Also, the plant equipment such as heating , solar water heater , or fireplace flows into the calculation with . Taking into account the internal and solar heat gains to the heat demand of the building is determined. After the analysis of the actual state variable energy improvement proposals are developed and presented their energy saving in figures and graphically. ( Construction costs, cost savings , energy savings , payback time ... ) From these individual proposals are then formed packages of measures . These include , for example, cost- effective measures . Also sets of measures for achieving the new standarts or even 30 % better with KFW funding and partial debt relief are possible. In addition to the traditional energy sources such as oil and gas and renewable energies are taken into account in planning. As Effizienshaus expert at the Energy Agency dena we inform you about plants with controlled ventilation . Heat recovery and the construction of air wells. We carry with you in detail and explain the various activities of the consultants' report . The report is very comprehensive and covers about 80-150 pages.

You create with this neutral energy consulting an ideal basis for a meaningful energy efficiency of buildings and may save you costly mistakes or even structural damage !