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Energy Savings

What is the cost saving energy?

For each saved kWh heat must invest so much:

Not only for the environment provides the gas condensing technology advantages, it is also a cost effective energy saving compared method.

In a study at the University of Stuttgart, various measures have been studied, with which the energy balance of a house can be subsequently improved. The gas condensing technology proved to be by far the most cost-effective energy saving measure.

To recover heat from the exhaust air, you have to grab considerably deeper pockets: This is about 40 times more expensive, relative to the amount of energy saved when installing a condensing boiler.

Also, the improved thermal insulation of external walls and windows is still three to four times more expensive.


Who wants to save energy in his house, you should go to the gas condensing boiler technology. This is the cheapest method. However, a solar system can keep up well compared to other measures.