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Energy saving tips

Proper ventilation ...

Proper ventilation prevents mold and reduces energy costs !

The man constantly transpires water and many of its activities , such as cooking, producing water vapor in the apartment. This moist air then leads to a possibly mold on the walls and on the other to high energy costs , because the moist air warms up worse than dry ...

Why does moist air heats worse?

The question to be answered is physically relatively simple in terms of the specific heat capacity of a given substance . The result is that one has to carry out more energy than water air to heat it . Thus you have a room with humid air more heat when the temperatures outside sink , as an area with drier air to keep the same internal temperature or achieve .

How to properly ventilated ?

Proper ventilation is not science , but relatively simple, and can thus be realized by everyone . The only thing you need as a tool for this is a stopwatch ( now owns any cell phone or smartphone ) and possibly a hydrometer . The latter helps you figure out how much current is the humidity in the room and whether you need to ventilate or not. The measured humidity should not exceed 60 %. Those who have no hydrometer, which can simply air regularly to plan, and makes nothing wrong ...

The most important thing when airing during the cold season , that rapidly provides an air exchange while the apartment is not too cool down . For this reason it is recommended regularly in winter, ie best in the morning and once at night , ventilate for 10 minutes at maximum window is fully open. Ideal is when you can really care for " pulling " by opening the windows in different spaces , thus speeding up the exchange of air . The biggest mistake you can make when airing in the winter ( and actually even in summer ) , is just to tilt the window. This produces virtually no air exchange and you just wasted valuable energy , because only the warm moist air from escaping up through the closed window and barely cold and dry air coming in again .