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Electrical installation

Electric lines

The requirements for the electrical installation have become higher , at the same time we want to know is protected against electromagnetic pollution . A modern installation brings under one roof , is safe and expandable - if it comes from the expert.

CONNECTING light switch

Wall switch to tilt or twist should be achievable with a handle of inputs from all rooms . Individual lamps in the same room can be connected to a central control so that they can be operated by a single switch.

LED light

You want to illuminate your favorite area in the house or accentuate your images ? Would you like your house and your garden lit noble to have no concerns about the cost of electricity ?

LED lamps offer multiple options . The light can be example as a permanent fixture integrated are used for street lighting in the building or even for enhancing the mood in existing outlets. They also save energy and contribute to your safety and to protect our environment .

Light switch replacement

Dimmed properly is half the battle !

Less is often more : Dimmed light not only creates a very special atmosphere in the room, but also helps to save energy.

There are basically two different dimmer models, the rotation and the touch dimmer. Moreover, the use of a dimmer is dependent on what type of load or light source which is to be dimmed .

lightning Protection

A lightning protection system consisting of external and internal lightning protection, head of the energy controls the earth from ( safe grounding of the lightning energy) and similar surges ( effective surge protection is important for sensitive electronic equipment such as televisions or computers). So installation is highly recommended

Smart Home

Smart Home is for various forms of networked home control and house techniques.

Basis of a smart house is a bus system , consisting of " actors ", " Sensors" and the line , nothing more.

Prerequisite for a functioning communication between the bus nodes is the common language ( " Protocol").

Install outlet

If the cable is damaged or defective equipment , electrical equipment can also cause dangerous electric shocks. Therefore, in the nursery , the installation of a residual current circuit breaker ( RCD) is important. This protects the fraction of a second from dangerous accidents : Is there between the amount of electricity that leaves a power outlet and that returns a deviation , the RCD immediately cuts the power to the connected device.


Consulting, planning and execution of lighting systems . Did you know that improper lighting at work makes you tired and noticeably decreases the performance ? Keep in touch with daylight lamps in the workplace and advise flicker-free ballasts .

Gate Operators

We have the drives for your garage door . From simple to comfortable solutions with traffic lights our offering ranges .

Voice / video systems

Door communication for a successful reception .

Let us advise you , so that you can receive your duly guests.

 We are not limited to the installation are available , but solve every problem for you with Siedle

 Intercoms and also offer a qualified service center .

Antenna Technology

Of course we also mount your satellite equipment or cable connections.