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The reduction of energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency in the conversion and use of energy is the future for farmers increasingly critical. The implementation of energy efficiency measures at the farm brings in addition to possible cost savings to increase the competitiveness and a reduction in harmful CO2 emissions.

Initially, the operating data are detected. In an on-site visit, a detailed analysis and evaluation of the actual energy consumption is performed.

Will be developed concrete action measures to save energy and this also evaluated economically. On the possibilities of the use of renewable energy is also noted as on funding opportunities. In a final discussion, the results are explained and a consultancy report is handed over.

Where are the savings?

  • lighting
  • stable climate
  • heating
  • cooling
  • ventilation
  • building insulation
  • food processing
  • milk production
  • vacuum pump
  • Cleaning milking equipment
  • milk cooling
  • Foreign Trade
  • Use of renewable energy