Energy Performance Certificate 

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Energy Performance Certificate

The energy certificate is to understand as a "type certificate" for building and provides information ...

• .. the overall energy state of a building

• .. of the thermal quality and design of the

Exterior walls, ceilings, windows, doors and roof

• .. the design and operation of the heating system

and hot water

• .. the energy demand for heating,

Hot water, lighting and other


• .. about possible improvements and potential savings

Use an energy certificate :

1 For rent and sale

When selling a building , the seller to the buyer , one for the in - inventory - delivery

Building the lessor the lease-holders no later than the submission of the

Contract the purchaser or the lessee, to submit a maximum of 10 years old that time and energy pass him this when the contract is concluded ,

handed .

If only one object sold or made use of in stock , the seller may or

Lessor this obligation either by presentation and surrender of ID


◦ on the energy efficiency of this object or use

◦ on the energy efficiency of comparable premises in the same building


◦ meet the energy efficiency of the entire building

2 For new and additions and alterations, modifications and repairs

For new additions and ever and to conversions , alterations and repairs of

at least 25% of the total floor area of buildings with a total useful floor area over

1000 m² is to provide an energy performance certificate in electronic form as proof of Bauansuchens .

3 Construction projects require authorization pursuant to § 62a para 8 BO

With free construction permit in accordance with § 62a para 8 BO (buildings with a total useful floor area

of more than 1000 m2 Bauführungen in accordance with § 62a para 1 31 and 34 as of this

Construction management for more than 25 % of the surface affected) the owner has an energy performance certificate

only obtain . A submission to the authority is not required for lack of construction methods , but can draw your failure to criminal consequences .

4 New construction, additions and remodeling of residential allotments

For new buildings, extensions and alterations of small residential garden is an energy certificate in electronic

Present form as a proof of the request of the Authority.


1 Buildings are listed buildings , existing buildings in protected areas and

worthy of preservation articulated facades on existing buildings ;

2 Buildings for religious purposes ;

3 Buildings that are approved for a maximum of 2 years;

4 Buildings in agricultural areas , with the exception of residential buildings ;

5 Industrial Buildings;

6 Buildings containing apartments that do not meet all the requirements of § 119 or

not have the full sound insulation and heat protection for the rooms ;

7 Small garden sheds ;

8 detached buildings and extensions with a

Total floor area of less than 50 m² ;

9 other buildings