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Energy consumption


The following table gives you roughly to assess your energy consumption:

Measure heating energy rating

OIL liters or cubic meters of gas per m² of living space per year

4-8 very good

8-12 well

12 - 16 of improvement

16 - 20 high

20 very high

Example: You have a house with 140m ² of living space and an oil consumption of 2,500 liters per year

Account: 2.500 l: 140 m² = 17.9 l / m²

Result: high

Energy consumption

1 liter of oil, or 1 m; gas, corresponding to approximately 10 kWh of energy consumption.

The 17.9 liters of oil per square meter per our example thus correspond to an energy consumption of about 179 kWh / m²;

Most of the energy is used for heating. Therefore, care should be taken that radiators are not blocked by furniture or curtains, and that the spaces are well ventilated. Also help a good thermal insulation, thermostatically controlled radiators and modern heating systems to save costs. Devices in stand-by mode consume unnecessary power. Therefore: TV, computer, stereo and off like when they are no longer needed. Here, for example, power strips with switches, master-slave sockets can be used.

Less water consumption, less environmental pollution

Also in relation to water consumption can consider a variety of measures . The obvious is rare for watering the plants to use the garden hose with water , but to strive for a consistent use of rainwater . Even a saving shower head with flow provides a veritable saving effect and a reduction in CO2 emissions . If you use also have savings, which brought a heater as a stand-alone solution , it improves even more energy . Our water consumption is enormous. We are often not aware of how much unused water flows down the drain. In other countries you have just a pot of water per day. To waste precious drinking water , is also no longer with us in it increasingly . Therefore, the car is no longer made ​​with gallons of clean water, which then ends up in the sewage polluted . It rather takes a shower fully discharged water into the drain as a bathtub. The reduction of consumption is just as important as the reduction of pollution. Because recycling of resources is becoming increasingly important and the most expensive factor of recycling is the water cleaning before recovery . A tankless water heater ensures even for a significantly lower CO2 emissions. As you can see , everyone can do something for the energy transition and make their personal financial sustainable . The problem areas that are worthy of study and cost calculation , are the topics fresh water supply , hot water , taking into account as far as possible walking resource recycling and the important area of waste management. The amount of options quickly pays for itself in a highly significant savings.

Infrared Heating : Heat source for special cases

The advantages and disadvantages of infrared or heat wave heating are controversial even among experts. But there are some special residence and use situations in which an infrared heater is an interesting alternative.

An infrared heater provides warmth at your fingertips, no need starting time and is unbeatable for installation: These are the benefits that advertise that manufacturers and sellers for the infrared or heat wave heating. However, there are also consumers who have gathered experience with an infrared heating and warn against high electricity costs .

An infrared heating on electrical basis , also called " heat wave heating " , works with a heating coil or a quartz heating element . Heating a surface of the component which emits infrared rays in the space . The emission may consist inter alia of sheet metal, ceramic, glass or natural stone. Due to the very low profile of the heating is unusual possibilities for designing arise - such as a picture hung on the wall or placed as a sculpture in space.