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Power grids

The networks in Europe are faced with three major challenges :

  • The electricity is uneven ( " the wind does not always " ) : fluctuations affect the stability of networks. This applies to the large , extending across Germany EHV lines ( " transmission networks") as well as regional power lines ( " Distribution " ) .
  • A variety of small generating plants connected to the grid (eg photovoltaic systems on roofs , small wind parks) : Previously, the current flowed in a one-way street from the transmission networks across the distribution to the consumer. Today, the networks need to manage the transport of electricity with oncoming traffic , ie from the "top down " and " bottom up " .
  • The EU-wide electricity trading is increasing: Germany - as a transit country between the western and eastern European electricity markets - is significantly more complete perspective of cross- border trade than other countries.

Given these challenges may generate , network , transport and consumption can not be considered in isolation. It is a holistic approach is necessary :

  1. new lines
  2. new Technologies
  3. Smart Grids