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CHP promotion

Mini -CHP systems

List of eligible CHP plants

According to the directives of the Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU ) to promote CHP systems up to and including 20 kWe from 17/01/2012

BAFA exclusively promotes CHP plants that are included in the list of eligible CHP plants. If the CHP plant at the time of receipt of an application for funding is not included on the published list , the applicant's request is rejected.

All registered here CHP systems are mass-produced . Moreover, it is not at all plants to homemade equipment and no prototypes .

Only the following eligibility requirements of the plants listed here have already been demonstrated by the manufacturer :

- Analog compliance with the requirements of the applicable Clean Air .

- Exceeds the requirements of the EU Directive for small systems :

- Primary energy saving ( according to EU Directive ) of at least 15 % for investments less 10kWel .

- Primary energy saving ( according to EU Directive ) of at least 20% for investments of 10 up to and including 20 kWe .

- An overall efficiency of at least 85%.

Be promoted only high-efficiency cogeneration as defined by EU CHP Directive 2004/8/EC of 11.02.2004. A list of eligible systems up to a capacity of 2 MW is available on the website of the ACFA to download.

Be encouraged by new and existing plants (initial startup 01.01.2009, commissioning after 19.07.2012), which after extensive modernization (25%) to 31/12/2020 (again) be taken in continuous operation.

Replacement assets are classified as new plants.

CHP plants up to a capacity of 10 kW are allowed in the form of a general order (type approval) by BAFA. An approval is no longer necessary.

Funding is also heat and cooling networks:

Expansion and construction of heat networks in which at least 50% of heat from CHP plants is fed.

Heating networks, in which heat is supplied from renewable energy sources can be supported by KfW in the market incentive program, alternatively or additionally.

Are eligible only heat networks that are put into service on or after 01/01/2012.

Funding is also heat and cold storage:

Memory must have a Mindeskapazität of 1 m3.

The grant application is to start no later than 01 July of the following year to submit.

Are eligible only memory, which will start construction or upgrading from 01.08.2012.

Type and amount of funding

The system operator receives the CHP surcharge not only for the offtake CHP electricity , but also for the own use electricity.

The surcharge rates for electricity from CHP plants are graded according to performance shares.

Heating and cooling networks

Subsidy rates for heat networks are the pipe inside diameter and the Trasssenlänge dependent.

Heat and cold storage

Subsidy rates for storage are dependent on the size .

The surcharge amounts to a maximum of € 5 million per project.


The operator of a cogeneration plant must give monthly to the competent authority and the network operator a notice of the fed- CHP electricity . To determine the amount of injected current and useful heat output of the network operator has to apply at the expense of the operator of the CHP plant measuring devices which comply with the legal regulations.

BAFA omitted from now on all releases years for CHP plants with a capacity up to 10 kW .

The approval is retroactive to the date of recording of continuous operation of the system be granted if the request to the ACFA in the same calendar year is received. If the application in a subsequent year one , the admission to the first is January of the year, give input .

Multiple funding

CHP electricity , which will be paid by the Renewable Energy Act does not fall within the scope of this Act.


The law is currently valid until 31/12/2020 .