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Assembly operation

The electrical installation is a central supply system inside buildings. The correct installation according to VDE regulations provides safety and comfort.

Electrical installation in new construction

If you build a house you plan to build sustainable! Therefore, a well thought and careful planning of the electrical installation is essential.

Whether classic or modern wiring bus systems (eg EIB / KNX) we introduce the appropriate accessories. For sockets and switches, we provide you best quality.

Electrical installations in old buildings

Before the renovation the house is the new electrical installation in the first place. This is necessary because there is no adequate protection is more often available through the use of new electronic devices. In addition, the cross section is too small in most cases and there are no residual current circuit breaker.

The fire, which can be caused by a short circuit, is largely eliminated by a new electrical installation. Modern detectors provide additional security.

As an authorized guild authorization, we will test your electrical and information technology systems and devices:

According to VDE regulations for private households.

After VBG 4 and VDE regulations for businesses and government buildings

Whether the

Planning your installation

Selection of electrical installation material

Execution of the installation work

or in the individual use of the Services.