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Electricity storage

Without such memory can be only a small part of electricity generated even consume (10% - 30%). With today's modern solutions in storage technology, it is possible to use up to 80% of the electricity generated by you. You have to make your own power plant, which is operated without the purchase of primary energy. Your current price is derived only from the initial investment in the photovoltaic system and the memory.

Economy meets ecology - you support the energy transition:

With a PV system on your roof and a power storage in the basement you can make a valuable and meaningful contribution to decentralized production of electricity, which is 100% green and environmentally friendly.

Power failure - no problem for you! Against a power failure, you are equipped with a power storage. In case of power failure, the system switches to a fraction of a second to battery operation. This ensures an uninterrupted supply of your home or business.


For longer storage periods batteries are suitable for a number of years available for private and affordable in the form of several technologies . Currently the most widely used technology are lead-acid batteries , which are cheap and proven through years of experience . Their disadvantages are the low efficiency of up to 86 percent and the low life of up to 3,000 recharge cycles . To distinguish the older , cheaper lead-acid batteries and the more expensive but more maintainable lead-acid batteries. Competing technologies are lithium -ion batteries , which have a higher efficiency of up to 95 percent and can be charged and discharged more than 7,000 times . However, they are far more expensive than lead-acid batteries . For a self-contained power supply for long periods of lithium -ion batteries are still the most suitable because of the high life and performance .

For example Wirtschatflichkeitsberechnung

When you install a new photovoltaic system and a memory of 4,500 kWh of electricity results in the following calculation of profitability *:

1 Without photovoltaic system and without memory

arise over 20-year power cost of € 38,576.00

2 With 6 kWp photovoltaic system (40m ²)

and an 8-kW memory you make a profit:

Cost of PV system with storage € 22,000.00

Electricity purchase costs € 15,430.72

Total cost of € 37,430.72

Cost savings compared to 1 € 1,145.28

Excess of current injection € 10,200.00

Income € 11,345.28

* At an electricity price of 0.24 € / kWh and 5% annual electricity price increase;

at a current price increase of 7% per year resulting in a gain of € 17,272.00.

To offer you the optimal memory system, we create a personal profile load. So you know when and how much electricity you consume and we can offer you a tailored solution to your needs.