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KfW program wind energy

production target

To accelerate the development of offshore wind energy in Germany, KfW supported by the German Federal funding of up to 10 offshore projects in Germany.

What is funded?

Funded the construction of offshore wind farms in the German EEZ or the 12-mile zone of the North Sea and Baltic Sea. The equipment shall meet the requirements of the Act Revising the Legislation of renewable energy in the electricity sector ("EEG") dated 04 August 2011 (Federal Law Gazette 2011 Part I, paragraph 42, page 1634) meet.
For the financing of the investment costs, KfW loans on commercial terms.

Project financing may take as

Option A: Direct credit in the context of banking syndicates .
Assumption is that one or more commercial banks at the same conditions (pari passu ; see also page 6) and along at least the same height as the KfW invest in the form of a joint syndicated loan to finance . Furthermore, a commercial bank must take the lead manager .
Option B : Financing package bankdurchgeleitetem credit and direct lending .
Requirement is that the amount of the direct loan does not exceed the amount of the bank as directed credit.
Variant C: direct credit as cost overrun framework to hedge unanticipated costs incurred in the construction phase ( "cost overrun facility" ) . This credit may be granted in addition to A or B . Assumption is that one or more commercial banks pari passu and participate together in at least the same height as the KfW in the form of a joint syndicated in this cost overrun frame. The disbursement of this loan is only available for unforeseen costs occur .
The credit is based on the stringent served basis , which means the loan commitments are critical of the funding consortia.