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A combined heat and power or CHP for the boiler room is greatly simplified from an engine, the waste heat from the hot water supply and heating system benefits , and generates electricity by a generator . A CHP uses its fuel so much better than our conventional power plants , the waste heat can escape . Anyone who is in a basement or in the engine room, is made of pure energy consumer to the supplier for the general public .

For the mini - CHP drives a powered with fuel oil , vegetable oil or natural gas combustion engine to a generator . The abundant heat produced - after all, a good third to half of the energy from the energy source - will be forwarded to the heating system or collected in a buffer memory . A mini - CHP utilizes the energy used twice so and thus achieves much higher efficiency than is the case with the separate generation of electricity and heat.

For the owner of this means a significant savings in energy costs and in addition also a direct contribution to environmental protection. For in contrast to the separate power and heat generation , CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 60 percent.

Mini CHP

A mini - CHP make money with electricity generation. For one thing, every kilowatt hour of electricity is self-generated by the CHP Act tempered, are not expensive relative to other utilities from the household electricity needs . In addition, you get the energy tax - formerly petroleum - back , whether you operate its power plant with fuel oil , natural gas or LPG.

Micro CHP - combined heat and power for the house

Whether the purchase is really worth much depends on the amount of electricity generated. It would be optimal, the unit would run around the clock. The crux, however, is that although one can sell the excess power at any time, but the heat has typically consume locally. So far, the mini-CHPs themselves are too powerful, that is not "mini" enough for single family homes, and certainly not for newly built, with their extremely modest heating requirements.