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Photovoltaic systems

With a photovoltaic system, you benefit from the inexhaustible power of the sun.

Photovoltaic systems are based on the - promoted "Renewable Energy EEG law".

The current remuneration for plants, you can ask us.

We will help you in the planning and execution of a photovoltaic system.

Heat pump / air conditioning

Reliable and virtually maintenance free, they provide good heat output with low power consumption and low cost. Heat pumps provide for a kilowatt hour of electricity used without further

Energy costs about four kilowatt hours of heat gain into the house. Save 50-70% on heating costs.

Interested in a new heating system, want to build, renovate or save energy in the future?

Spoilt for choice ... is well advised with us, whether oil, gas or biomass, solar and environmental technology, the variety of products in this area is huge.

Which heating is ideal for your living room, your building or the building firm, depends on several components, including personal inclinations, regional conditions, energy efficiency and künfige extensions or Nutzungsändungen are important factors.