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Archive 2013

Berlin, 19.12.2013

"If you're upgrading to a heating with renewable energies is known, can save a lot of money over the years. What is less well known that the shift to more environmentally friendly heat possible during the heating season is also in the middle, "says Philipp Vohrer, Managing Director of the Agency for Renewable Energies, firmly. Since the subsidy funds for the running year are not yet empty, Spontaneous could even through a grant from the state market incentive program are so pleased Vohrer on. The grant application must be submitted here after commissioning of the new heater. Heat changers have switched earlier this year on an eco-heating, their funding applications can now submit more quickly at the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA).

Berlin, 16.12.2013

Policy changes in 2014

As of January 2014 comes a revised funding guidelines for highly efficient cross-cutting technologies in power . Apart from minor editorial changes following important changes were introduced :

Changes in the individual measures :

· Start of production of lighting systems based on LED technology and the promotion of daylight-dependent control and regulation (limited to 2014 )

· Lowering the minimum investment volume to 2,000 euros

Changes in the systemic optimization:

· Recording the promotion of all kinds of heat recovery systems

· Clarification that in the context of systemic optimization of any type can be promoted by compressors

· Equipment for refrigeration , components and systems of the refrigerant circuit and coolant lines for water and brine are no longer supported

     Clarification that complete production lines , machines or machine systems in which individual eligible cross-cutting technologies and their energy efficiency can not be shown separately , are not eligible for funding

More generally applicable changes:

· The use of subsidized loans (KfW or Landesbanken ) for the remaining financing of an action is allowed from January 2014 , if the total of loans, grants or allowances does not exceed the sum of the expenses.

In addition, within the framework of policy change and the sheets shall be revised. In particular, the energy efficiency values ​​for air compressor be adapted and expanded to include a performance component. In the future , the efficiency values ​​in the form of the specific power consumption for smaller compressors are therefore less demanding than for larger compressors.

Berlin, 07.11.2013

50 % more advice grant for Berlin apartment buildings by the end of the year


In Berlin, homeowners are assisted in energy upgrades with that project ENEO , a program of the Investment Bank Berlin in cooperation with the Berlin Energy Agency . Be subsidized opinions and advice for energy optimization of residential buildings.

Owners of residential properties with up to 30 units can benefit from an increased until 31.12.2013 50% subsidy for receipt of applications. Requires the report includes a total refurbishment to KfW Efficiency House . In addition to property owners of large apartment buildings can benefit from smaller apartment buildings of higher grants currently also one- and two-family homeowners and owners. For example , there are 1-2 units for the grant of up to 500 euros a special bonus of 250 euros again , for 3 to 10 units 750 € + 325 € special bonus .


The subsidy amount is calculated according to the number of residential units in the building as well as the actual cost of the report . Basis of the respective net costs for creation of energy report . The grant is paid in two parts. The first half of homeowners received after the creation of energy followed by personal opinion and advice in ENEO , the second half after reacting at least one recommended in the energy report measure . Are the net costs of the evaluation is less than the subsidy , the subsidy will be reduced .


New interest rates in the KfW program " Renewable Energy "


KfW matched the 31.10.2013 to the interest rates in the renewable energy programs. The support program is aimed primarily at businesses and municipalities . Depending on the project can be funded either part of the program "Standard" or "Premium" into consideration. If the use of renewable energy for electricity generation or electricity and heat production plans meet the program part " default " to invest in the use of heat from renewable sources , the program part "Premium" .


Renewable Energy - Standard

The part of the program allows low-interest financing of projects that use renewable energy to generate electricity and to heat and power generation in combined heat and power plants . Is a prerequisite for the promotion, that at least a portion of the stream is fed into the public grid. Any size company can use APR credit depending on the classification in credit and collateral classes from 1:41 %. For photovoltaic systems and the installation of stationary battery storage systems in combination with photovoltaic systems , the separate parts of the program are 274 and 275


Renewable Energy - Premium

This part of the program , KfW , especially businesses and communities to invest in larger facilities for the use of renewable energies in the heat market. Depending on the applicant are in the program section from various credit offers effective interest rate of 1.10%. In addition to the low interest KfW loan , repayment additional grants for particularly worthy of support systems are funded by the BMU . Small and medium enterprises can also the so-called " KU " window to receive special discounts . Among the projects supported include : large-scale solar panel installations , large plants for combustion of solid biomass renewable energy heating systems , biogas lines for non- upgraded biogas , large heat storage , heat pumps, and large CHP plants.


Other funding opportunities of KfW and waistband

If the proposed facility does not meet the "premium" demands on technology and size , they can be possibly through the program part "standard". There namely also for heat generation plants , heating and cooling systems as well as heat and cold storage will be encouraged provided that they are powered by renewable energy.

Smaller renewable energy heating systems and solar thermal systems will also be encouraged and subsidized through the BAFA ( Federal Office of Economics and Export Control ) . The remaining funding can be covered here on the " Supplementary Credit " in the KfW program "Energy Efficient Refurbishment " . Photovoltaic systems for private self-use in one- and two-family houses , KfW in the programs "Energy Efficient Refurbishment - Credit " and "Energy Efficient Construction " .

Energy Saving Ordinance 2014

Berlin, 21.10.2013

On 16 October 2013 , the federal government has decided to amend the Energy Conservation ( Energy Saving Ordinance ) in 2014 and it applied the changes required by the Federal Council . After the Energy Saving Ordinance 2014 has run through the national procedure , a notification of the new regulations by the EU is now required . With its entry into force is therefore expected until early summer 2014.

The intensification of the energy savings falls in the submitted draft milder than was actually intended for the update. The plan was a 30% increase in the requirements. The result is not even the half of it, and it applies only for new buildings. Which is so important for the energy transition housing stock is not considered.

Innovations of the draft Energy Savings Ordinance Overview

The requirements of the standard of efficiency of new buildings be increased from 2016 to 25% ( primary energy ) and 20% ( thermal insulation of the building envelope ) .

The requirements for existing buildings remain on the state of the Energy Saving Ordinance , 2009, no tightening of the requirement levels , no retrofit requirements .

In real estate ads to future energy parameters are specified , if a house or an apartment is sold or rented. The values ​​are to be specified instead of the current per area per building area .

The energy certificate is submitted at a future visit to the purchase or rented and handed over to the buyer or tenant in the contract.

The obligation for display energy certificates in public buildings is extended to smaller buildings frequented by the public . This concerns for example Department stores , movie theaters and schools. In addition, it shall also apply to some not officially used buildings such as Hotels , stores and restaurants.

At the request of the Federal Council the duty to replace old boiler is expanded ( vintages older than 1985 , or older than 30 years).

Inspectors to better monitor with independent samples , the energy certificates and reports on the inspection of air conditioning systems than before. A right of access to housing , it will not happen.

The detection method for new residential buildings ( with " Energy Saving Ordinance easy" or the model building process) easier .